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Providing Pavement Maintenance in Yorktown Heights, NY

Let New York Sealcoating breathe new life into your surface-deteriorated pavements with our efficient and preventative seal coating services. Count on our paving contractors to keep your pavements and parking lots well-maintained. We use an environmentally-friendly, water-based, petroleum resin sealer, which is a coal tar alternative that outperforms traditional pavement sealers. We are the pioneers in eco-friendly sealers, which means no odor and fewer chemicals!

Impress Your Neighbors & Customers

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, it’s important that your property looks as good as possible. When you own a home, you want your neighbors and visitors to be impressed; and if you own a business, it’s crucial that your facilities make a good first impression on potential paying customers. Regardless of the property type, one of the first elements that people see or notice is the state of your driveway or parking lot. As paving contractors in Yorktown Heights, NY, we understand the significant role that your paved surfaces play in the overall visual appeal and safety rating of your property. If these surfaces are cracked and covered with potholes, you may be at risk of scaring away your company or your business. To guarantee that your driveway or parking lot is as welcoming as it should be, depend on the professionals at New York Sealcoating.

Contact us today to learn more about the seal coating process and how it can enhance the look and extend the life of your paved surfaces including parking lots. One of our experienced, friendly, and skilled workers will be happy to answer all your questions and get you started on the right track. Call now to speak with your first-choice paving contractors in Yorktown Height, NY.

Damaging Factors

While properly designed parking lots rarely wear out from traffic, damage is usually caused by the weathering effects of the sun and rain, as well as from the softening effects of de-icers, gasoline, and oil drippings. Along with water accumulation, oxidation can cause major pavement damage by traveling from the surface, leading to harmful cracks. Whether you need services for asphalt paving or masonry work, we have you covered.

All of the damaging factors that threaten your driveways and parking lots also affect your exterior masonry as well. The snow, sleet, rain, and sunlight all contribute to significant cracking, fading, and deterioration. You also have to consider the splash back that comes from vehicle traffic during significant storms and blizzards. That is why it is imperative that you do everything you can to seal masonry work.

A Comprehensive Solution

Many of our clients understand the need for sealing a driveway or another type of asphalt surface. They often overlook the similar deterioration that is happening to the exterior of their building. Our group is equipped to seal whatever you need to protect the integrity of your structure. Many are starting to see the importance of sealing both their driveways and their exterior brickwork as well.

Brick and mortar quickly absorb much of the moisture that is also wreaking havoc on your driveway. If you have ever seen a powdery dusting start to accumulate on the brickwork outside of your home or business, you understand the dangers associated with efflorescence. 

Prevent this chemical process from destroying the brick exterior of your building with our approach to sealing. When you choose our group as your partner, we'll provide you with a full suite of services designed to enhance the appeal of your home or business. We'll provide you with snow removal that slows the deterioration of your asphalt surfaces and deliver targeted crack filling to improve the performance of every driveway. 

Your source for pavement maintenance in Yorktown Heights, NY

Preventative Measures

Let us establish a preventative maintenance program before these damaging elements take over your pavement. Application of a rubber-fortified coal tar emulsion is the most cost-effective pavement maintenance in Yorktown Heights, NY, that’s available.

Seal Coating

Double your asphalt's life by letting a seal coat protect it from destructive forces. In addition to its practicality, seal coating also enhances the appearance of your pavement by giving it an attractive and easy-to-clean black finish.

Silica Sand Enhancement

Silica sand is usually added to coal tar sealers to provide a heavier wearing surface. The addition of sand also means that the sealer lasts longer and is more skid-resistant.

Water-based, Petroleum Resin Sealer


Proprietary engineered resin is formulated
to create tough and long-lasting protection.


Blocks out the damaging effects of the sun.


Resists damage caused by gasoline, oil, jet fuel leaks, and spills.


A low VOC, non-flammable coating that contains no coal tar to irritate skin.


A tight seal forms an impenetrable barrier to protect against the destructive effects of sun, water, and chemicals, giving pavement a jet-black color.


Engineered to perform at temperatures as low as 40°F

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